South Gippsland Food and Wine

We now have a selection of vintages ranging from Rose to Pinot Noir. All wines are made from grapes hand picked from our vineyard and pressed/fermented just up the road.  We source our Shiraz locally.

These are available for around $20 a bottle from the cellar. Just grab a bottle from the cellar during your stay and tell us how much you’ve been through at the end (if you can’t remember > count the bottles in the bin!).

Our wine ranges between $20 and $36 per bottle.


Our olive grove has produced a number of great yields and now produces exceptional oil. All oil is single cold pressed (extra virgin), non-filtered and offers a grass>mustard palate. These can also be purchased during your stay for $22 per bottle.

Oil is $22.00 (375ml.)

Local Farm Produce

We carry South Gippsland Food and Wine in our cellar including Pinot Noir Jelly, local honey, delicious raspberry and rhubarb jam, just to name a few.  We have fabulous hampers in the cellar to take home as gifts, or just to enjoy!IMG_4719 IMG_4720

View from white table over grove 2015Cellar photo 2015