Your wedding at Basia Mille can cater for up to 100 people and includes the honeymoon “Luscious” apartment as well as “Oliv” and “Waratah” apartments.

The entire villa, including decks, cellar, bbq area, rotunda, courtyard and grounds can be used for ceremonies, reception and photos.  These areas are perfect for other functions too.  If inside the villa is needed, this can be rented as well.

We can help plan your special day along with other local accommodation partners to cater for guests wanting to stay in the area.

There are also local chapels for your church ceremony or celebrants can use the rotunda, courtyard, house or grounds to perform the wedding ceremony.  Catullus’ poetry walk with Roman Columns and Urn will make a gorgeous setting for your wedding.

To find out more about our wedding packages please email or contact Geraldine.

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