“Basia Mille is a very special place for Weddings in South Gippsland.  For your day of days, Basia Mille offers the chance for all to completely partake of and be involved in the ceremony and the celebration of your wedding. The whole ambience of the picturesque sweep of the Strait, the countryside, the groves and the vineyard, set against the architectural brilliance of the villa is unique. The many and varied aspects and nuances of the property, with its courtyards, cellar, balconies and terraces, offer the chance to position your wedding in a memorable setting, and then to move your guests into other aspects to witness your nuptials, your photographs and your celebrations in a very modern, contemporary style.

Ideally, we cater for a wedding group up to seventy-five for either the whole or part of the ceremony. We have very positive relationships with other venues for larger groups where you may elect to have that part of the ceremony that may need larger facilities than we can provide.

We like to sit and plan with you. Once you have an idea about the way you want to structure your wedding, we will complete a quotation for you, without any obligation, for you to consider. In very broad terms, if you want to use the property for two hours of your wedding, we charge $20 per person. For a celebration that will last up to five hours, we charge, $50 per person to come onto the property.

But these type of figures can be very misleading. It is much better if we can talk.

Above all, if you want a completely special event, you will want to be married at Basia Mille amongst the gorgeous surrounds of vineyard, olive groves, golf course and the magical islands of Bass Strait.

Magical wedding setting

  Magical wedding setting



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