January 6, 2010

Port Wines 9 Hole Golf Course Now Playing

New Year saw serious competition on the new Greens and Tees.  Three Birdies were scored, but generally the course proved its worth for players and spectators alike.  It will be topdressed in Autumn and again in early Spring.   The flags add a fluttering attraction to the ambience of the property, to the vista outside our cellar door leading your eye over the course to the islands of the Strait and the Prom, all adding to the fun of BASIA MILLE.


Basia Mille a magnificent abode.

Set in a wondrous landscape;

Sapphire  blue sea and sky,

Undulating emerald  hills .

Grape vines providing splendid wine.

Olive groves  nurturing fruit for oil and table.

A boutique golf course for fun and exercise.

Caring, relaxed hosts,

Interesting and contented friends.

Gourmet food and wine.

A New Year's Eve we will cherish.

What a welcome to 2012!

Thank you Geraldene and Tony.

We love you and your brilliant concept.

Max and Lyn.

Katherine Hall

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