June 2, 2009

Summer Starters Music

Summer Starters in the South

Join us for Music in the Cellar at Basia Mille on Sunday October 30.  The magical music of the Violet Code, with a gourmet BBQ, a glass of wine, all overlooking the Prom.  Details will be posted soon.

Katherine Hall

One comment on “Summer Starters Music”

  1. Tony and Gezzie

    lovely web site. I detect Tony's eloquent touch in the text - a born modern vintner and a very modern marketer of things oenological. You could give lessons.

    G&T - we do need to visit!

    And a request, is there a chance that the original Latin Basia Mille poem might find its way onto this site? Even better, a recording of Tony reciting it to Gezzie?

    all our best,
    your Arizonans

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