Summer Starters Music

Summer Starters in the South

Join us for Music in the Cellar at Basia Mille on Sunday October 30.  The magical music of the Violet Code, with a gourmet BBQ, a glass of wine, all overlooking the Prom.  Details will be posted soon.

One thought on “Summer Starters Music

  1. ken and Maribelle

    Tony and Gezzie

    lovely web site. I detect Tony’s eloquent touch in the text – a born modern vintner and a very modern marketer of things oenological. You could give lessons.

    G&T – we do need to visit!

    And a request, is there a chance that the original Latin Basia Mille poem might find its way onto this site? Even better, a recording of Tony reciting it to Gezzie?

    all our best,
    your Arizonans


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