Basia Mille CATULLUS TRIBUTE Poetry Walk

Visit the magnificent Poetry Walk at the Basia Mille Vineyard and Olive Grove and sit amongst the delicious silence and magnificence of the ancient trees surround the columns dedicated to Catullus.

This tribute garden is a museum to a beautiful young country boy from Verona, Catullus, writing the first intensely personal lyric love  poetry to Clodia, the exquisitely beautiful senator’s daughter, urbane, wealthier, experienced, more worldly. Their turbulent relationship mimics the terrible political turbulence at Rome in the time of the Caesars, over two thousand years ago. Yet, their emotions, from joy and passion to despair and anger, are as contemporary as yesterday.
Hear the poet’s words when you read the plaques, first in Latin then in modern English.
Wander, with a glass of Basia Mille wine, the six passages of this heroic but tragic liaison, from deep infatuation through love, doubt and disbelief, rejection, anger and devastation.

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